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    Available Projects

    B/MMaking Fully Homomorphic Encryption AccessibleAlexander Viand

    Assigned projects

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    Completed projects

    SRe:Versi - Move Analysis for ReversiLeo Merholz, Pascal SchärliAlexander ViandAS 18
    MDifferentially Private Decentralized Machine Learning FrameworkAlexandre ConnatAlexander ViandSS 19
    MDesign & Evaluation of an Accessible High-Level Language for Advanced CryptographyUlla AeschbacherAlexander ViandAS 19
    MAnalysis, Design and Implementation of Advanced Optimization Strategies for the Marble FHE CompilerPatrick JattkeAlexander ViandAS 19
    BImproving the Marble Fully Homomorphic Encryption FrameworkMario StöckliAlexander ViandAS 19
    MVariational Autoencoder KnowledgeTransferMatthias NiederbergerDavid Sommer,Alexander ViandAS 19